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【Nikon】ニコン F Photomic FTN フォトミック FTN プロカメラマンの定番モデル

Nikon”F” Photomic FTN


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Nikon F Photomic FTN


Nikon F Second-hand market in Japan.Many Japanese camera enthusiasts want a Rare model F.

Price released at the time of release in 1959 67,000 yen. Ease of use · Automated operation, Various interchangeable lens, interchangeable viewfinder, motor drive etc.

System property and versatility are highly evaluated.

And due to the durability and reliability that became the tradition of the Nikon F series, it became a classic camera of professional photographers including press relations.

Even in Japan, about 59 years have passed, but even now it is trading at a high price.


ニコン”F” (写真:ニコンF フォトミックFTN)



1959年発売 発売時の価格 67,000 円。使いやすさ・操作の自動化、多彩な交換レンズ、交換式ファインダー、モータドライブなどのシステム性、多用途性が高い評価を得た。


日本でも、約 59 年経つが今でも高額に取引されている。

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