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【Meissen】マイセン Color Onion Meister Painter Red&Gold

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Meissen Color Onion Meister Painter Red & Gold


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Meissen Color Onion Meister Painter Red & Gold


Among Meißen brands, “Color Onion” is allowed only to be painted by those who are particularly rare “Master painter”.

In 1739, Meißen invented the blue coloring material for underpainting. Presented works with Chinese pomegranate as a motif.

At the time of the announcement, many traders mimicked. For prevention of counterfeiting, a seal of “blue sword” was introduced around 1893 at the base of the tree.

“Color Onion” succeeded in creating a design like Imari-yaki by adding gold and red to “Blue Onion”.

With precision modeling, it became a particularly rare model in Meissen.


マイセン カラーオニオン マイスターペインター レッド&ゴールド








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