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【CHANEL】J12 H2561 Marine 38mm シャネル J12 マリーン H2561

CHANEL J12 Marine 38mm Ref.H2561


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】CHANEL J12 H2561 Marine 38mm


The “Marine Series” which was introduced to the market as a full-scale diver model among the Chanel J12 series which is beautiful ceramic and stainless case impressive.

Based on black, a blue bezel reminiscent of the deep ocean is designed, and it is giving a directive assuming the ocean. Waterproof performance is 300 m.

The rubber of Breath fits tightly and it shows its true value even under the sea. The combination of ceramic, stainless steel, rubber, sapphire crystal and material and design is an excellent model.

The list price is around 550,000 yen, and in the secondhand market, you can get a good model around 250,000 ~ 280,000 yen.


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】CHANEL J12 H2561 Marine 38mm

【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】CHANEL J12 H2561 Marine 38mm


シャネル J12 マリーン 38mm Ref.H2561



美しいセラミックとステンレスケースが印象的なシャネル J12シリーズのなかで本格ダイバーモデルとして市場に投入された「マリーンシリーズ」である。

ブラックを基調とし、深海を彷彿させるブルーのベゼルがデザインされ、海を想定した演出が施させている。防水性能は 300 mである。


定価は約 550,000円前後で、中古市場では、約 250,000~280,000円前後で良質なモデルを手に入れることができる。


Breitling Super Ocean Heritage Chronograph A13320


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】BREITLING SUPEROCEAN HERITAGE A13320


It is a beautiful diver’s chronograph of Breitling brand.

The movement is brilliantly upgraded Eta Chronograph Caliber 7750 “Breitling 13 ” is wonderful.

This is a high-performance self-winding “COSC certified chronometer”, it is a reliable movement.

In addition, a day-date function is additionally installed.

The push button of the heritage model is an unscrewed type from ancient times, realizing waterproofing of 200 m.

While maintaining the current manufacturing technology, the performance of waterproof packing is being improved.

Level of exterior manufacture such as precise design of the case and strong sapphire crystal is rising, you can see innovation while reproducing the design at the time.

Sapphire crystals have good visibility. Overall it is a simple and stylish design.

Privately owned items, but business was available as well as divers.

In the secondhand market, it is a rare model, so it is sold at around 300,000 yen.


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】BREITLING SUPEROCEAN HERITAGE A13320


ブライトリング スーパーオーシャン ヘリテージ クロノグラフ A13320




ムーブメントは、エタ社製 「クロノグラフ・キャリバー7750」 を ブラッシュアップした「ブライトリング13 」は素晴らしい。

これは「 COSC 認定クロノメーター」の高性能自動巻きで、信頼性の高いムーブメントである。

また、デイデイト機能が追加搭載。ヘリテージモデルのプッシュボタンは、昔からの非ねじ込み式で、200 m 防水を実現している。




個人所有品であるが、ダイバーズだけでなくビジネスも利用可能だった。中古市場では、稀少なモデルなので、約 300,000円前後で販売されている。

【Leica】IIIf Summicron ライカ バルナック セルフタイマー ズミクロンレンズ

Leica IIIf Summicron Ernst Leitz Wetzlar 1954


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Leica IIIf Summicron Ernst Leitz Wetzlar ライカ バルナック セルフタイマー ズミクロンレンズ 1954


Because Leica has amazing development capability, it was studied and imitated by rival enterprises when making a product with camera as a business.

The main target was “Leica IIIc in 1945”, and its finished model “Leica IIIf Black Synchro” was benchmarked.

In early 1945 IIIf was called “Black Synchro” from the engraving of black figures.IIIf in the second half of 1954 was called “red synchro” because it is being minor changed to red.

In Red synchro, synchro efficiency is improved and speed of shutter curtain speed is increased.

It is the greatest improvement in functionality at the design change.

It is a rare model that can be said to be the final of the screw mount type Leica.

About 60,000 to 70,000 yen in domestic secondhand market, it is also a junk item and this price.


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Leica IIIf Summicron Ernst Leitz Wetzlar ライカ バルナック セルフタイマー ズミクロンレンズ 1954


ライカ バルナック セルフタイマー ズミクロン レンズ 1954




主要ターゲットになったのが、「1945年のライカ IIIc」であり、その完成形モデルである「ライカ IIIf  ブラックシンクロ」をベンチマークとされた。

1945年初期のIIIfは、黒い数字の刻印から通称 「ブラックシンクロ」 と呼ばれた。また、1954年後期のIIIfは、赤色にマイナーチェンジされていることから、通称「レッドシンクロ」と呼ばれた。


スクリューマウント型 ライカの最終とも言える希少なモデルである。

国内中古市場では約 60,000~70,000円、それもジャンク品でこの価格である。

参照:【Leica III f 】は約 60 年以上経っても一眼レフ並に取引される完成形モデル

【Rolex】EXPLORER II White Tritium エクスプローラーII 216570

Rolex EXPLORER II White Tritium Ref.216570


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Rolex EXPLORER II White Tritium /ロレックス エクスプローラー II Ref.216570


It is an orthodox and new generation exploration watch that evolved explorer Ⅰ in a normal way.

It was put into the market when celebrating the 40th anniversary of model birth.

Evolution greatly from the old model Ref.  Visibility is improved by enlarging the case.Luminous paint evolved into “chroma light”.

It changes from green to blue, it is easy to see, and it can emit light for a long time. Movement acquired high precision with Rolex’s proprietary technology “parachrome balance spring”.


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Rolex EXPLORER II White Tritium /ロレックス エクスプローラー II Ref.216570


Also included is a seismic patent technique called  paraflex shock absorber.

Furthermore, it realizes a light feeling of wearing such as “Easy Link” which can be adjusted.

As you can see in the picture, the central part of the needle is painted black, “Phantom effect”, the follow-up design of the previous model is also wonderful.

Rolex sports model has white in only Daytona and Explorer II, it is a rare model.

At the time of purchase, it was about 660,000 yen as a new item.

The average price about five years ago at second-hand market is rising to about 750,000 ~ 830,000 yen.


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Rolex EXPLORER II White Tritium /ロレックス エクスプローラー II Ref.216570


ロレックス エクスプローラー II Ref.216570、山岳・洞窟探検に対応した堅牢モデルの到達点










購入した当時は、新品で約 660,000円前後であった。中古相場で約 5 年前の平均価格は、約 750,000~ 830,000円まで価格は高騰している。

【OLYMPUS】オリンパス OM-2 コンパクト一眼レフ OM System SLR camera

Olympus OM-2


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】OLYMPUS オリンパス OM-2


Personally owned item. Olympus OM-2 is an “OM System” SLR camera.

In 1972, as a professional for Nikon F, Canon F, Leica Flex, Zeiss Icon and the competition crowded, “Compact SLR” is a huge hit model with a breakthrough concept.

“OM – 1” which is the initial type was designed by the team led by Yoshihisa Maitani.

When the boom of “pen” was in the height stage, the “OM series” entered production after finishing research and development.

Based on the fact that SLRs of other companies are heavy, we have created a small, lightweight, full-fledged system SLR.

In the era of smart phones, the movement to buy inconvenience by paying about 30,000 yen or more to the camera about 40 years ago is interesting.


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】OLYMPUS オリンパス OM-2


オリンパス OM-2



個人所有品。オリンパス OM-2は「OMシステム」の一眼レフカメラである。




スマートフォンの時代に、約 40 年以上前のカメラに、約 30,000 円以上払って不便を買おうとうする動きは面白い。

【OLYMPUS】OM-2 約 40 年前の黄金期を支え 写真家に愛されたコンパクト一眼レフは 現在でも高額に買取される稀少モデル

【HERMES】Kelly Veau Graine Couchevel ケリーベルト クシュベル

HERMES Kelly Veau Graine Couchevel Belt Gold Hardware


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】HERMES Kelly Veau Graine Couchevel Belt Gold Hardware


A part of Hermes Kelly Bag “Kelly Hardware” is a high-end belt motif.

A standard belt and a narrow belt around the front are combined on both sides, and you can understand the high level of Hermes’ technical strength.

The gold hardware on the front side follows the design of Kelly, and it can also be combined with Kelly bag.

The size adjustment can be adjusted inside, attractively attractive as made by custom made is good consideration.

Even in the domestic secondhand market, it can be purchased at a relatively inexpensive price of about 30,000 to 40,000 yen.


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】HERMES Kelly Veau Graine Couchevel Belt Gold Hardware


エルメス ケリーベルト クシュベル ゴールド金具







国内の中古市場でも、約 30,000~40,000円程度で比較的安価に購入できる。

【Canon】EOS 60D バリアングル液晶搭載の キャノン EOS 中級モデル 60D

Canon EOS Intermediate-Level model with Bali Angle LCD


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Canon EOS 60D


Canon EOS 60D Second-hand market in Japan.

A core user familiar with EOS Kiss is the best candidate for a new model.

Standard installation of Bali angle LCD monitor is very useful.

In many cases shooting in bird’s-eye view, but very good in this case.


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Canon EOS 60D
【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Canon EOS 60D


Canon EOS 60D:バリアングル液晶搭載の Canon EOS 中級モデル



EOS Kissを使い慣れたコアなユーザーが、新しいモデルの候補としては最適。バリアングル液晶モニターの標準搭載は、非常に重宝する。俯瞰で撮影する事が多いのだが、この場合に大変良い。

【Canon EOS 60D】高額買取が期待でき軽量化・スペックを上手くトレードしたバランスの良い全方位モデル

【Celine】Vintage Shoulder Bag セリーヌ ヴィンテージ ショルダーバッグ

Celine Vintage Shoulder Bag


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Celine Vintage Shoulder Bag


Celine Vintage Shoulder Bag Second-hand market in Japan. For the model, smooth touch leather is made delicately.

The carriage metal fittings on the center of the bag that is not present in Celine are designed to be large enough to remind the era of a good economic bubble.

A rare black leather model that you never saw in Japan can be recognized as Celine at a glance.

Celine Vintage Leather Shoulder Bag is traded in the secondhand market at about 30,000 yen or more.

Also, the horse carriage metal fittings for belts are trading at about 5,000 yen in second hand market.


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Celine Vintage Shoulder Bag


セリーヌ ヴィンテージ・ショルダーバッグ






セリーヌ ヴィンテージ レザー ショルダーバッグは、中古市場では、約 30,000 円以上で取引されている。

また、ベルト用の馬車柄金具は、中古市場で約 5,000円程度で取引されている。

【Rolex】EXPLORER II 16570 ロレックス エクスプローラー II 16570

Rolex EXPLORER II Ref.16570


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Rolex EXPLORER II Ref.16570/ロレックス エクスプローラー II Ref.16570


It is an orthodox and new generation exploration watch that evolved explorer Ⅰ in a normal way.

In model change in 2011, it is the last 40 mm diameter model before it is enlarged to about 42 mm in diameter.

As a long-selling model for about 20 years,I personally purchased a defective item cheaply, it goes through overhaul, and finishes like a new product.

Movement evolved from Cal. 3085 to 3185. On the exterior side, the figure is thin and digging is shallow.  The dial became simple with black and white two tone.

The buckle is a single lock, the luminescent paint is tritium, but it was exactly the ideal because I wanted the early final vintage items.

After that, I go through a minor change, but I purchased about ten years ago.

About 5 years ago, second-hand models could be purchased for about 200,000 yen,but now the price has risen to about 50 to 600,000 yen, and the price has risen to about 3 times.


ロレックス エクスプローラー II Ref.16570、山岳・洞窟探検に対応した堅牢モデルの到達点




2011年にモデルチェンジで、約 42 mm径に大型化される前の最後となる40mm径のモデルである。

約 20 年に渡るロングセラーモデルとして、個人的に故障品を安く購入して、オーバーホールを経て、新品のような仕上げとしている。

ムーブメントは、Cal.3085 から 3185に進化。外装面は、数字は細く、掘り込みが浅い。ダイヤルは白黒のツートンでシンプルになった。


後に、マイナーチェンジを経ていくのであるが、私が購入したのは約 10 年前である。

約 5 年以上前には、約 20 万円代で中古モデルが購入できたが、現在では約 50~60 万円まで高騰し、約 3 倍程度まで価格が上昇している。

【Camus】Carafe Cristal Baccarat カミュ カラフェ クリスタル バカラ

Camus Carafe Cristal Baccarat


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Camus Carafe Cristal Baccarat / カミュ バカラ・カラフェ


Camus is a cognac brand based in the Cognac region.

The prestigious brand that the Camu family, the world’s largest scale, runs for five generations. Baccarat Crystal Decanter finished as a gem that enhanced the added value of the brand that contained the finest cognac.

Brandy’s aging years of the same model is above “compte 6”. It is the most refined and sophisticated dry cognac. The meaning of carafe is French meaning “jug”.

The actual price is about 60,000 yen, but in the domestic secondhand market, you can get a good quality cognac in about 35,000 yen. The model is a gift received personally.

There were hundreds of Remy Martin Louis XIII and Camus that could not be drunk, but it was a particularly delicious piece among them.


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Camus Carafe Cristal Baccarat / カミュ バカラ・カラフェ
【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Camus Carafe Cristal Baccarat / カミュ バカラ・カラフェ


カミュ カラフェ クリスタル バカラ


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Camus Carafe Cristal Baccarat / カミュ バカラ・カラフェ




同モデルのブランデーの熟成年数は、コント 6 以上。最も上品で洗練された辛口のコニャックである。


実際の定価は、約 60,000円程度であるが、国内中古市場では、約 35,000円程度で良質なコニャックを手に入れる事ができる。




【Lalique】Kazak Crystal Ornament カザック クリスタル オーナメント

Lalique Kazak Crystal Ornament


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Lalique Kazak Crystal Ornament / ラリック カザック クリスタル オーナメント


Lalique Second-hand market in Japan. Lalique Crystal is one of the brands that the collector wants to collect.

Founder Rene Lalique was highly acclaimed for the work at the Paris Expo in 1900, was purchased at museums around the world and gained fame as a jewelry designer.

Frosted processing which is a traditional technique of Lalique. It is finished in a beautiful object using a matte technique.

Instead of simply transmitting light, it is a soft reflection, and the realistic modeling of relief is well represented.

With this technology, the Larrick brand boasts the world’s best technology, all of which are traded at high prices.

The model was sold at a used price at around 30,000 to 35,000 yen.


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Lalique Kazak Crystal Ornament / ラリック カザック クリスタル オーナメント
【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Lalique Kazak Crystal Ornament / ラリック カザック クリスタル オーナメント


ラリック カザック クリスタル オーナメント








同モデルは、中古価格で約 30,000~35,000円前後で販売されていた。

【OMEGA】CONSTELLATION 1552.30 オメガ コンステ パーペチュアルクォーツ



【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】OMEGA CONSTELLATION 1552.30


OMEGA CONSTELLATION 1552.30 Second-hand market in Japan.

The Omega “Constellation” collection model, announced in 1952, is the core model of the Omega brand for a long time.

The biggest feature of the omega constellation that became a giant maison is the design concept.

The design concept is “Star” and “Double Eagle” designed at the 6 o’clock position.

Chic and simple dolphin bands are often found in antique models.

In addition, silver dial with engravings, Roman numeral stamp bezel keeps the standard.

It is dynamically expressed in contemporary ways, making it an ideal starting machine for Omega.


オメガ コンステ パーペチュアル クォーツ Ref.1552.30




巨大メゾンになったオメガコンステレーション最大の特徴は、デザインコンセプトである。デザインコンセプトは、6 時位置にデザインされた「スター」と「ダブルイーグル」である。




【森伊蔵】Phantom Shochu Moriizo 森伊蔵酒造 焼酎 少量限定戦略モデル

Phantom Shochu Moriizo


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】森伊蔵 Phantom Shochu Moriizo 森伊蔵酒造 焼酎


Moriizo Second-hand market in Japan. Prices soared, it became a bubble.

Moriizo is a refined and sweet mellow flavor, easy to drink. I saw the auction market in Japan as a whole, but rose to around 8.7 times the list price per one.

The over-the-counter sales price is 1.8 liters, it is surprisingly inexpensive pricing around 1, about 2,225 yen,(20.33 dollars) then it soared, it is the average price range of about 18,000 to 20,000 yen.(182.7 dollars)

Because of the small amount of production, Mori Ito promoted limited strategy using the method of lottery.

Applications at department stores and Japan Airlines without general sales are able to grasp the attributes of customers to a certain extent and the way to build relationships of trust with customers for a long time is taken well.

It is a superb strategy to survive the brewery by raising the brand power with a limited strategy that is not available in general in the opposite of the method of wholesale to mass retailers and cheap stores etc. in large quantities.


鹿児島が誇る伝統的な「かめつぼ仕込み」による 幻の焼酎 森伊蔵




日本国内のオークション市場を全体的に見たが、一本あたり定価の約 8.7 倍前後まで上昇した。

店頭販売価格は、 1.8 リットル入りで、1本 約 2,225 円前後と驚異的に安価な価格設定であり、その後高騰し、約 18,000~20,000円の平均価格帯である。




【LLADRO】SPRING SPLENDOR リヤドロ 春の輝き フィギュリン ポーセリン



【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】LLADRO SPRING SPLENDOR


You can feel softness which can not be thought of as porcelain, such as a beautiful drape of a dress and stalls standing in the wind.

It is a delicate and beautiful piece of wire. Flowers picked up in baskets are also feeling spring.

It is about 80,000 yen ( 718 dollars ) in the Japanese market. In the second-hand market, a value of about 50,000 yen ( 450 dollars ) will be attached.


リヤドロ 春の輝き フィギュリン



可愛らしい少女が、美しいドレスをまとい、そのドレープや風に立つストールなど、磁器とは思えない柔らかさを感じることができ、 繊細で美しい人形である。

バスケットで拾った花も春を感じるモデルであり、 日本市場で約 8 万円程度で販売されている。 日本中古市場では、約 5 万円の値段が付くのである。


【Royal Copenhagen】Flora Danica ロイヤルコペンハーゲン フローラダニカ

Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Pendant Brooch


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Pendant Brooch


Royal Copenhagen Tableware and accessories Second-hand market in Japan.

The highest-grade line that gold-colored the plant illustration “Flora Danica” that had been compiled since 1761.

In 1790, Danish King Christian VII asked the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory for Flora Danica’s dinner set.

Produced as a gift to Russian Katharina II. Luxurious 24 gold finish. Royal Copenhagen highest grade line.


ロイヤルコペンハーゲン フローラダニカ






【ARNOLD】Model Maker Crocodile Electric Locomotive

ARNOLD Model Maker Crocodile Electric Locomotive


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】ARNOLD Model Maker Crocodile Electric Locomotive


Arnold is a model maker in Germany and is now a specialized brand for N gauges under the umbrella of Hornby Group in the UK.

After the Second World War, entered the model railroad. At that time lay the foundation of “N gauge”, but it gets bought after bankruptcy.

Many models mainly sell old model railroad model in second hand market.

There are also few number and scarcity, and it is traded at high price.

The vehicle structure is mainly made of molded plastic, and the zinc alloy part of molding is adopted as the power part.

Long ago, purchased inexpensively the released goods that had been exhibited in large quantities in the flea market to withdraw from the model.

Today it has several times more price.


アーノルト クロコダイル 電気機関車 Nゲージ








【Snap-on】Tool set It starts with the founder’s idea

Snap-on, Snap-on Second-hand market in Japan.: It starts with the founder’s idea.


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Snap-on Tool set,It starts with the founder's idea.


It starts with the founder’s idea.

F-1 Premium tool manufacturers that many companies and automobile manufacturers’ maintenance professionals are using.

Joseph Johnson, a 25-year-old, invents a tool to solve the question “Is it necessary to buy one handle for one size socket?

” Thus was born “interchangeable socket”.


スナップ オン:それは創業者のアイデアからはじまる。



F-1 企業や自動車メーカー の整備プロが多く使用している高級工具メーカー。

25歳のジョセフ・ジョンソン は「ひとつのサイズのソケットのために、1本のハンドルを買わなくてはいけないのか」という疑問を解決するツールを発明する。

こうして誕生したのが「 インターチェンジブル・ソケット 」である。

【BREITLING】Super Ocean A13340 スーパーオーシャン クロノグラフ

BREITLING Super Ocean Chronograph A13340


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】BREITLING Super Ocean Chronograph A13340


BREITLING Super Ocean Chronograph A13340 Japanese used market.

This model is equipped with “Breitling 13” which brushed up the self-winding chronograph · caliber 7750 made by Eta.

Features include chronograph, reverse rotation prevention bezel,Day date display, waterproof performance is 500 m.

In 1974, Valjoux developed a model that was said to be the best-selling model with excellent balance of durability, maintainability and precision.

There is also a popular model in second hand market, the domestic new article price in Japan is about 410.000 yen ( 3,747 Dollars).


ブライトリング スーパーオーシャン クロノグラフ A13340



このモデルに搭載されているのが エタ社製 自動巻きクロノグラフ・キャリバー7750 を ブラッシュアップした「ブライトリング13 」 を搭載。


中古市場でも人気モデルあり、日本国内新品価格は、約 410.000円である。

【Suntory】Rare Japanese whiskey ピュアモルトウイスキー 山崎

Suntory Pure Malt Whiskey “Yamazaki”


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】Suntory Luxury and Rare Japanese whiskey


Suntory Luxury and Rare Japanese whiskey Second-hand market in Japan. Suntory is the first company in Japan to produce authentic whiskey.

Suntory is a premium liquor brand representing Japan that governs Château Lagrange, Morrison Bowmore, Chateau St. Gene, Orangina Schweppes, Jim Beam.

A representative whiskey of Suntory is “Yamazaki”, which is traded at a very high price mainly in the Asian market.


サントリー ピュアモルトウイスキー 山崎






【CHANEL】Matelasse Chain shoulder マトラッセ チェーンショルダー

CHANEL Matelasse Chain shoulder


【Brand Shooting,Good Industrial design:Photo Collection】CHANEL Matelasse Chain shoulder


CHANEL Matelasse Second-hand market in Japan.

Coco Chanel uses a strategy that accepts the concept of trout in luxury fashion and takes it against it.

Unlike other luxury brands, by accepting the existence of mass market, succeeded in paradox strategy of increasing our own value which is small production. With most luxury brands, the profit range of bags is considered to be a staggering size of roughly 10 to 12 times the cost price.

The high profit that these Chanel bags provide is a source of long-term development models. It is invested in technology development and image creation which is one of the core competences of the Chanel brand.

The continuation of this cycle is a source of solid dominance creation.